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Girls' Match Results 2013

       DATE                               OPPONENT                   V/JV             LOCATION                           RESULT

1.  Thurs.   Sept 5th          Santa Margarita Catholic      V            University High School                    W  13-5 

2.  Tuesd.   Sept. 10th       Los Alamitos High School     V            University High School                    W  12-6

3.  Thurs.   Sept. 12th       Troy High School                 V            University High School                    Cancelled 

4.  Tuesd.  Sept.  17th       Campbell Hall School           V            University High School                    W 10-8

5.  Thurs.  Sept. 19th        Tesoro High School              V            Tesoro High School                         Cancelled

6.  Tuesd. Sept. 24th        Fountain Valley H.S.            V             Fountain Valley High School            W 14 - 4

7.  Thurs. Sept. 26th        Woodbridge H.S.                   V            University High School                    W 16 - 2

8.  Tuesd. Oct. 1st            Beckman H.S.                      V             Beckman High School                     W 14 - 4

9.  Wedn.  Oct. 2nd          Dana Hills H.S.                    V              Dana Hills High School                     W 13 - 5

10.Thurs.  Oct. 3rd           Corona del Mar H.S.            V              University High School                     W 14 - 4

11.Tuesd.  Oct. 8th          Northwood H.S.                  V               Northwood High School                   W 15 - 3

12.Thurs.  Oct. 10th         Irvine H.S.                         V               Irvine high School                          W  15- -3  

13.Tuesd.  Oct. 15th         Woodbridge H.S.                V               Woodbridge High School                  W 13 - 5

14.Wedn.  Oct. 16th        Peninsula H.S.                    V               Peninsula High School                     L 6 - 12

15.Thurs.  Oct. 17th        Beckman H.S.                     V              University High School                     W 14 - 4

16.Tuesd.  Oct. 22nd       Corona del Mar H.S.           V               Corona del Mar High School               W 14 - 4

17.Thurs.  Oct 24th         Northwood H.S.                  V               University High School                     W 16 - 2

18.Mond.  Oct. 28th         Irvine H.S.                         V               University High School                     W 18 - 0

19. Pacific Coast League IndividualTournament - Danielle Pham and Yuki Asami Double's Champions

      Celine Gruaz and Kyla Scott - Double's Finalist and Sarah Mae Garcia and Judy Kam - 3rd place

      Alyssa Rudin - Single's 3rd Place - CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR GIRLS

20.Wed. Nov. 6th      Redondo Unio H.S.  - CIF Team Playoffs - 1st Round  @ University H.S.                 W 17 - 1

21.Thur. Nov. 7th      Dos Pueblos H.S. -    CIF Team Playoffs - 2nd Round   @ University H.S.               W 18 - 0 

22.Mon. Nov. 11th     Dana Hills H.S.  -      CIF Team Playoffs - Quarter-final  @ Dana Hills H.S.